Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What a day!!!

I am so glad the surgery is over! What a roller coaster of emotions! He is currently sleeping in the PICU and mom is going to get some dinner. We have to eat in the waiting room so I have to wait here until she's done. I thought I'd jump on and give an update.

The doctors are very happy with where he is. His levels are as stable as they expect. He has had a little trouble with pain management, he did at Riley during his Kasai so I sort of expected it. He's on a continuous morphine drip right now so he's staying pretty comfortable, but still gets irritated occassionally. He's going to have a few blood transfusions, I guess that's pretty normal. He's got a lot of drains and IV's right now. A little overwhelming. I am going to try to post some pictures of him soon. I know I would be wondering what he looked like :) We found out the donor was a 10 year old. My heart aches for the family. It's absolutly bittersweet. I can't hardly think about it. I am so grateful for the decision they made to make their loved one an organ donor. I can only imagine the pain they are going through right now. I am praying that God pours out an abundunce of grace and peace on them right now. I hope they know they saved a little boys life! I'm also thankful I didn't have to go through surgery. I can't imagine being in a hospital bed across the street and not being able to see him and talk to him. They are supposed to be getting an actual patient bed in his room so I can lay next to him. He wants to be held and cuddled, but that's kind of an impossibility right now. So the next best thing is for me to lay with him. I hope it comforts him.

I know the road ahead of us is going to be a long one, but I just am looking forward to seeing him well! I can't wait to see him do the things we have been waiting for, like rolling over, sitting up, etc. Those who've been through this before have said they didn't realize their child was as sick as they were until after transplant. I can see how this would be true! I can't wait to see him thrive! He is a fighter and I have a feeling this recovery will be fast for him!

Continue to pray for him and us. We are rotating our sleep schedules right now so that someone is always in the room. But it's still very exhausting! Thank you to all that are continuing to pray for us!

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