Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We've been pushed back another week!

So the surgeons/transplant team wants to keep him here another week to finish his antibiotics. They said they're going to schedule a CT Scan for Friday to check for any pockets of fluid that could be causing his fevers on Friday/Saturday and his cultures to grow. They've said it could be nothing, or it could have come from a number of places. They don't believe it's an infection in his Central Line though. The reason they've waited to go searching for an exact location of the bug is so that he could fight it with the antibiotics and be strong enough to get rid of it. She said there's a possibility of having to be put under anesthetic and have a drain tube put in. It's all very confusing, I had a very hard time understanding/comprehending all that she was telling me. Bottom line, we'll be here until at least Monday and a CT scan is going to be done on Friday. What we don't want to happen is have the antibiotics kill off the bug, then come back because it wasn't treated right.

I just feel like the wind has been taken out of my sail! I thought we'd be home by now and we've been told another week! The most important thing is that we're in the right place and they're able to treat him. I'm so thankful for him and his recovery! Please say a prayer for us, it's getting harder by the day!

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  1. FOCUS on GOD!!! You'll all be home and HEALED!!!

    God gave me that word the first of May. :0)

    still in prayer