Monday, May 18, 2009

I couldn't be happier...

He is doing so well! They haven't technically talked discharge, we're certainly not ready. But they have said he is totally going in the right direction! I asked what he needed to be discharged and he has to have no fever (hasn't had one at all) eating well, and labs stable. His labs continue to get better each day. He's not eating as well today as he did yesterday. He wants to breastfeed alot, but my supply is so low. He actually drank formula out of a little medicine cup earlier. He just does not like the bottle!

Last night was a terrible night of sleep for everyone. He woke up wimpering/fussing every hour! I'm not sure if he was in pain, hungry, irritable, uncomfortable...I'm not sure. But he didn't want to take a bottle. He was given pain medicine about every 2-3 hours. His incision opened a little last night and bled. So the nurse put more of the surgical glue on it. So I'm sure that was affecting him some. They pulled his last drain yesterday and he's a little swollen. The surgeon said he wanted to go ahead and pull it even though he was leaking a ton so he wouldn't "dry up." So now it's just staying in his body. He's continually getting Albumin, which is supposed to help pull fluid out of his body and put it into his vascular system so he'll eventually pee it out.

Makena just fell asleep in the bed with him. It has to be one of the sweetest "Kodak" moments I've seen in awhile. She has so much energy, she never just falls asleep. So to get a picture of the two of them together is something special. He is now sleeping with her, but the pictures I got...he is awake. Here it is...Sweet huh?

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