Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas is coming...

I took Malakai and Makena to get their pictures taken with their cousins. Six kids 3 years old and under, I think we got a pretty good picture. I didn't order any of my kids because I had a photographer come out and take their pictures. I don't have them back yet. Mandy (Josh's sister) took some as well so I didn't need to buy any. But here they are...

It seems like you prepare for Christmas, and BAM it comes and goes! I can't believe it's already December the 9th! We had our first snow a few days ago and Makena was so excited! I told her in June at Emma's birthday that when it snowed it would be her birthday. Nothing more was said and when she woke up she looked outside and said "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" I couldn't believe she remembered! I told her it wasn't today, but soon. She's getting really excited.

She's started preschool and so far, so good. She calls her teacher, Ms. Brittany, Ms. Murry. No clue where she got Ms. Murry from. Brittany said she's corrected her, but she continues to call her Ms. Murry so she just quit correcting her. She loves carrying her lunchbox in and I think she's well liked by her peers and teachers. She's a pretty outgoing kid, I can't imagine why she wouldn't be likeable.

Malakai had his first appointment with First Steps yesterday and he started crawling. Right then, on the spot. The therapist came in, and he started crawling on his hands and knees. Up until then, he was still army crawling. His favorite word and toy right now is "ball" He says it all the time. It's like he has a one track mind. He's constantly thinking about where his ball is. He's also started to "make a basket" with a small basketball and a plastic tub. He's getting pretty good at it. The basket is small and I'm surprised he's even able to do it. He's saying "MMMM" when you ask what a cow says. He's able to point to a few objects in a book. Sarah showed him a picture of him with his cousins and said "Where's Kena?" and he pointed right to her. He's just grown up so much in the last few weeks, it's incredible.
I just booked a cruise for Josh and I. It's a Caribbean cruise going to Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay, and Nassau. We will be leaving the kids with family and will be gone 6 days. I am very excited, but at the same time hestitant to leave him. I'm not really worried about Makena, she's been away from us enough that I feel like she'll be perfectly fine. Malakai has never been away from me more than about 8 hours. So I am going to be nervous, but I also know he'll be fine :)