Wednesday, May 27, 2009

CT scan tomorrow...

He's scheduled for a CT scan tomorrow at 2, which means no food after 6 am! It will probably be a long day! He normally does OK without food, but that was pre-transplant. Hopefully he'll do just as well. The docs said that if they do find something on the scan, he'll go in Friday to have the fluid drained. If not, then he'll just finish the antibiotics and we'll go home. Monday is our discharge day, and it couldn't come soon enough. We took both of the kids to the playroom this afternoon, and it was so nice to get out of his room. There's a really nice garden on the roof of the 8th floor where we can take him. That's nice to get fresh air! It's beautiful and peaceful. I think he enjoys it, too!

Well, tonight is my first night at the hospital alone! Josh took Makena back to the apartment because she woke up at 6 am and didn't have a nap. We figured it would be a looooong night if she didn't get a good nights sleep. Hopefully she's refreshed and ready to go in the morning!

We have a new website coming soon! I will put up the address as soon as it's ready!! It's more of a donation website to help with the absolutly overwhelming bills and expenses we have right now.

Continue to pray for strength for all of us! God bless all that are praying for our little guy!

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