Wednesday, May 13, 2009

First of all the surgeon came into his hospital room and said and I quote "he needs a liver transplant" no kidding that is why we are here, man it made me mad. But I quess you can't mouth off to the guy who is getting ready to operate on your kid. Anyway, they took him away at 10pm. They took us off to the waiting room with a phone in it so they could keep us updated. At 11pm they called back and said that they had all of his lines in and they were ready to start the procedure. They called back at 1am and said that he needed a little blood but that was normal and that he was doing well. Everytime the phone rang my heart stopped. I kept running through the day were the doctor came in the room at Carah's dad's (Tom) transplant and said "start praying" one of my biggest fears through this whole process has been reliving that moment. At 2pm they called back and said he needed more blood and that his old liver was out and that is new liver was being worked on. The next hour after that was very mentally exhausting, you really just tried not to think. Then at 4pm the surgeon came in and woke me up and I really thought I was going to pass out. He scared me so bad I embarassed him. He said his new liver was in and it vitalized and he was doing great. He said he was already producing bile flow. So now we are waiting to go see him in the picu.

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  1. Praise God! Your sweet baby is in Good Hands! I can't imagine what you two have been through - just hearing about it and reading about it makes me choke up; having a little one myself, I can only imagine how emotionally (and spiritually) trying this has been on you guys. But God is good - and what timing, right?? What a blessing that Carah doesn't have to have surgery too. I'm praying for you guys, and for the family of the sweet angel donor. - tyree