Thursday, May 28, 2009

Good news from today!

Well, there seems to be NO INFECTION. At least they couldn't find it. So that's good news! The not so good news, they had to put a drain tube in his chest. He had a moderate amount of fluid. They put the drain in and he's breathing much easier now. The fluid coming out of his chest isn't exactly what they thought it would be. It's sort of milky, and they said it's from having too much fat (from milk) in his diet that he's not processing. I think. His doctor tried explaining it to me three times and it still didn't sink in. I will probably understand it better tomorrow when they decide what to do. They said to do exactly what we've been doing tonight with breastfeeding and continuous feeds on the pump and see if it's still cloudy in the morning. The formula they would have to put him on is a low calorie and he needs all the calories he can get right now! So we wait. He'll have another chest x ray tomorrow to check everything. And then hopefully after he's finished his antibiotics Sunday, he'll be discharged on Monday!

Josh talked with a dad tonight who is here with his 2 1/2 year old son who is waiting for a new heart. He's not doing very well, and had to be resuscitated three times last night. They had put a "do not resuscitate" status on him today. Josh met their entire family and prayed with him. I think he was glad to be of encouragement to him in this horrific time. After praying with him and meeting their family and the little boy, he called Josh and said they removed the DNR status. Please pray for this family. I don't know the little boys name, only the dad's name is Shane from Kansas. I can only imagine what they are going through right now.

I also ran into the little baby girl who is waiting on a liver, with the same nasty disease that Malakai had. She's 6 months old and soooo cute. Please pray she gets her new liver very soon. She's here at Children's until her transplant. They sent her home but she had to come back because she had fluid on her lungs! Her mom seemed very worn-out...I totally feel for her. Pray for God's grace to cover her as well! Her name is Shawnteona. (I think that's how you spell it!)

So today was very long, Malakai has been sleeping since coming up from recovery. I don't like when he's been put under anesthetic. Although he's seems to be more comfortable...I'm grateful for that. Hopefully he sleeps well tonight. We have visitors coming this weekend. It will be good to see some familiar faces and get a break from the same stuff, different day routine.

I can't wait to wrap my little boy in my arms and walk out of the hospital! I can't wait for life to settle down and become normal. Thank you to everyone who's helped us out and donated. We really, really appriciate it! Keep praying he stays strong and continues to heal beautifully.

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