Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Liver Day!!

We celebrated one year with Malakai's new liver on Wednesday! The day was beautiful. I reflected alot on the past year and just how thankful I am for his donor angel and her family. Without a new liver, he wouldn't be here and I am forever grateful to them. My baby has endured alot of hardships over the last 18 months but I am so, so thankful for him to enjoy life and to be healthy.

We went to dinner with our immediate family...Rita, Brent, Clay, Addie (Happy 1st Birthday, girlie girl :) Sarah, Emma, Jack, Grammy, Billy, Nana, Papa and Uncle Jeremiah. I brought along butterfly cupcakes...the butterfly is the symbol for organ donation.

We went on vacation last week to Orange Beach, Alabama. I will be posting pictures as soon as I can find my camera cord. We had a blast! They both did well on the flights and behaved very well. Both kids enjoyed the beach and the pool. We had a little scare while we were down there. I had to take Malakai to the ER in Pensacola to have his blood drawn. He had a bloody stool, and with his internal bleeding in March we had to be extra cautious. Everything checked out OK and we enjoyed the rest of our time. But man, it was scary!