Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hopefully going home soon...

Today has been a great day...We moved last night into a very quiet room. The only thing I can even complain about is that it's too cold! He slept much better last night. The liver team decided to increase his feeds through the night to 20 ml/hour and I think he was more satisfied. Maybe that's why he's been so cranky...because he's hungry. They're going to start giving him bowlis feeds, meaning 2 ounces at a time, rather than dripped over an hour. The thought there is to get him into the hungry, full, hungry, full cycle. I hope it works.

I met a mom last night, as I was leaving to take Makena home, with a little girl with Biliary Atresia that is waiting for a transplant. It's's almost exciting to meet someone who has a child with similar circumstances. It makes you feel connected, like they know what you're going through. She was 6 months old, completely adorable, and had the same personality as Malakai. Very mellow and laid back. And her legs were crossed...Malakai's legs are always crossed. Anyways, I've always been on her end. The parent with the child before transplant facing the absolute unknown. I pray this little girl gets her Gift of Life very soon.

Sarah, Jessica and I took the girls to the zoo today. That was nice to get out of the hospital for a little while. Made me feel human again. They had so much fun. I'm glad we went.

The surgeons said we are going on the right track and we're probably going to be heading home soon. He really just needs to get his nutrition back on track. All of his levels were "Perfect"! Can you believe it?? PERFECT!! He has never had perfect levels. And something I realized the other day was he no longer has Biliary Atresia. When he got a new liver, his BA went away. Amazing. I am just so amazed with the work God has done in his short life. Everything has happened just right for him to make such great progress. And the fact that he was so sick and I was given such grace that I didn't even see him as sick! I just look forward to loving my healthy, beautiful little boy. I have such respect for parents with sick kiddos. I realize there are much worse situations. I have learned a whole new outlook on life. For that I am so grateful! I want to plan a HUGE first birthday celebration...complete with a bouncy house and miniature ponies! LOL If you think I'm kidding, I'm not. I want everyone who's prayed for Malakai to be there. Everyone! I think it's important for everyone to see how great he looks and celebrate such a huge milestone with us!

Ok, I am rambling now. Off for tonight. He's doing wonderful. He's starting to smile and play with toys. He's really starting to look like little Malakai again! Thanks for keeping us in your prayers!

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  1. Sounds like things are moving forwards in a positive and very hopeful manner!

    Keep us posted.

    The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles.