Friday, May 22, 2009

Bummer...not being discharged today!

Well, I knew this could happen...just hoped it wouldn't. Malakai had a really long night last night. He cried for over 2 hours and woke up early this morning crying again. Then he started to tremble a little bit and I felt his head and he was warm. Over the next hour, his temp went from 100.6 to 102.9. His heartrate was 216 and he was breathing really fast. So they took some blood for cultures and started an IV. So we're here until Tuesday, because Monday is Memorial Day. Bummer. Oh well. I'm glad we didn't go home and have to come right back. It will be really tough though being here with just Josh and I. We've had help the entire time until tonight. Mom is supposed to come tomorrow and stay through Sunday, but then we'll be alone all next week. A couple of friends had talked about coming the following weekend and then Rita and Brent (my sister and brother-in-law) are coming on the 1st. It'll be at least until tomorrow before we hear anything about his cultures, hopefully they show nothing and they'll tinker with his meds some and hopefully by Tuesday he'll be ready to go! Say a prayer for him...his fever went down after a few hours and he's back to smiling and eating again. He's a tough little guy, that's for sure!

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  1. Two steps forward, and one back, but it is still a net forward! We are behind Y'all!

    All the best,