Saturday, May 23, 2009

Another fever...

He spiked again this morning...exact same time, exact same way. He started to tremble and an "I don't feel good" whine. Then he started to get a little warm and within 15 minutes his fever was higher than 102. Tylenol helped bring it down. His blood cultures came back positive, meaning they've found infection somewhere...Most probable, and really best case scenario is it's in his central line and IV antibiotics will treat it. He's on three different antibiotics right now and they've stopped one of his anti-rejections meds for a few days. He's not been sleeping well, still, and they said that can be from his meds. Hopefully over time that will go away, once his body is adjusted to the medications. His hemoglobin level was low, 6.8, so they're going to give him a blood transfusion this afternoon. Just a bump in the road, but he's still full speed ahead in my book. I look forward to when all of this is just a distant memory. I'm beginning to feel exhausted!


  1. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. I hope and pray that Malakai's infections go away quickly and he is able to heal and go home. Much love and prayers from Naomi and family.

  2. He's a fighter though, and that's what is important. My wife and I think about him constantly and we both wish fervently that this will pass quickly.

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