Friday, May 29, 2009

Good day today

Malakai had a good day today! His X ray from this morning showed clear lungs...Praise the Lord! He has been put on the nasty formula, called Portegen, that is supposed to be the best for the milky discharge, which now has a name :) It's called chylous ascites. Still don't fully understand it. I even Googled it, still confused! The CT Surgery team wanted him to be solely on the Portegen formula, no breastfeeding. The liver team had a different opinion. So they're going to give him the weekend to see what he does. The CT team thinks his ascites won't dry up if he's continuing to get milk. But he LOVES to breastfeed, and to take away the one thing he loves....the liver team said they weren't ready to do that yet. (Thanks guys!)

We took Malakai and Makena out to the garden today. It was beautiful. The sun was setting, it was warm still, but the air was cool. Just perfect. I think he loves being outside. It was a little difficult getting him out there with his chest tube and his IV pole, but worth it. He just looked around and coo'ed. I am so amazed by him. He's such a strong little guy!

Rita and Brent are coming out this weekend. I get to meet my new little niece, Addison! She was born the day Malakai had his surgery. I can't wait to meet her!!!! Hopefully we can spend some quailty time together and it won't be too crazy with all the kids!

We found out today that the little boy I mentioned last night didn't make it. My heart aches for his family. His name was Elijah. Please keep his family in your prayers. I pray that God blankets them in peace. Rest in peace, little Elijah! I am just reminded how thankful I am for my babies. It was a rough road getting pregnant and I feel so blessed to have my two kids. Even after all that Malakai has gone through in his life, I am just so lucky to be his mom! Parents, hug your kids a little tighter tonight!

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