Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tomorrow may be "D-Day"!!!!

We just got the news that he will most likely get to go home tomorrow! Michelle, the nurse practitioner hasn't yet talked to the surgeons to OK discharging him tomorrow. She said from a liver standpoint he doesn't need to be here. She said if they're not ready to send him home tomorrow, that they'll get it all ready for discharge Saturday. So it looks like we'll only be spending one or two more nights here!!! They've started the bolus feeds today and if he does OK with them, there's no reason he needs to stay! He had a little issue last night with leaking from one of his drainage tube sites. He lost alot of fluid. But they've patched him up and he's good to go! His weight is now 4.93 kg which is about 10.8 pounds. That was his weight in December. He was 5.39 kg on Wednesday, so he lost about a pound of fluid overnight! We will be staying in St. Louis for a few weeks...we have our apartment until the first week of June. So we will be here until then. I am so excited that my little boy is doing so well! PRAISE GOD!!!!! He's really starting to act like himself. I can't wait to see him GROW! It's amazing the changes I have seen already, and I am sooo ready to see him be a baby. He's not really had a real chance at life yet. I am so thanksful for his progress!

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  1. We are all looking forward to watching him get bigger right here on these pages!

    All the best,