Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another bump in the road...

So the CT scan is now going to include a chest scan. His O2 level dropped last night to 88 and they saw some fluid around his lung. So they're going to scan his chest while they look for the infection. He is most likely get a chest tube to drain out the fluid. Basically the fluid is ascites that has traveled up from his belly. She also said it looks like he has a little pnuemonia. But they won't treat that any differently. He's got enough coverage with the antibiotics and once the fluid is gone, his lung will recover. They're going to give him another blood transfusion later this afternoon because his red blood count was a little low. She said it most likely is due to the amount of blood they've been taking. Big picture, he looks great. His liver is working perfectly and there are no concerns on that end. Once his nutrition picks up some and we get rid of the ascites, he should take off! They're still saying we'll probably go home on Monday, I sure hope so. I think he'll do so much better. When you're here, the nurses come in for vitals at 12:00, 4, 6 and 8 am. Then they draw blood at 6 and weigh him. I seriously don't know why they have to strip a baby down to a diaper at 6 in the morning to weigh him. That bugs me! Let him sleep!! So I think once we're home he will have a better shot at recovering. Continue to pray for all of us. Pray that his CT scan goes well and best case scenario, he gets the tube, drains the fluid, and we never have another problem.

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