Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thanks AT&T...Internet is BACK!!!

So we've been at this apartment for a month now, and I just figured out how to hook our computer to their internet! I'm so used to having wireless, I didn't even SEE the modem to hook it to the landline phone! lol

Malakai is doing well. He had a follow-up appointment this morning to have his labs drawn. He's showing slight signs of rejection, which is normal. All his liver numbers were a little elevated from his last labs on Friday. They've increased his Prograf (Tacro) and his Prednisone (his anti-rejection and steroid). His incision has been "oozing" from a little place since we were discharged last week and they're going to do an ultrasound Friday morning before his appointment. I'm not really concerned, it's really started to slow down and it's not red at all. I change the dressing on it twice a day and I've seen improvement. It looks like we'll be here in St. Louis until June 19th. That's 10 more days! I will be so excited to be home and for everyone to see how GREAT he's doing! He's a completely different baby than he was when we left.

We're allowed to take Malakai anywhere outside. I'm so thanksful for that! We all get stir crazy being in the apartment too long! So we decided to go to the St. Louis Zoo today. We forgot the camera, so we didn't get any pictures :( But I do have a few from my phone. Not the greatest quality, but at least you can see how GREAT he looks!!! Enjoy :)
Malakai and Mommy at the hospital the day before we left...He got a lot of looks in his sling!
Makena in her pool on our balcony. Great idea!
Doesn't he look AWESOME???

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