Monday, June 29, 2009

Fun filled weekend!

We had such a fun weekend! We spent some time at Aunt Rita's house on Thursday and Friday. Makena loves spending time with her cousins, and I love spending time with my sisters, so it all works out. Then Saturday we had a showing on our house (Praying it sells soon!!) and went to the Greenwood fireworks. It's a tradition in our family, something we've gone to every year since I was little! It was so hot out, we had a small tent for the babies and brought plenty of cold drinks! We saw a few people we knew, and everyone was amazed at how great Malakai looked :) I agree, he looks amazing! You'd never guess that he had a liver transplant less than 2 months ago! Both kids did great during the fireworks. He was very sleepy so he was wanting to be rocked, and Makena was amazed by didn't last long though, she fell asleep during them! HAHA! She pulled the shade of the stroller over her and was out! Yesterday was Emma's 3rd birthday party. I got her a goldfish...anyone looking for a great gift for a birthday? A goldfish was a great idea! She loved it and so did all the other kids!

The local newspaper had an article in it the other day about Malakai. It was so weird reading about our story from a third party perspective. I felt emotional reading pulled on my heart strings, and it was about my family! I am just so relieved he is doing so well and that we are home. All of this is behind us and we can move on and be a normal family!

Malakai's blood test showed he was having a slight case of rejection, which is normal. They've reduced his anti-rejections medication again. Other than that, he has nothing new medically to report. He's physically getting stronger which is GREAT to see! I am so thankful to see him progressing as quickly as he is. It's amazing :)

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