Saturday, June 6, 2009

It's so good to be home!

We don't have internet at our St. Louis apartment, which is not fun! I have my phone that has internet, but for some reason it won't let me write on here! Larry (Josh's friend) came out today and brought his wireless internet adapter, so I am finally able to update!

It is soooo good to be all together as a family. Makena was a little confused when we got home I think. She asked a few times when we were going back to the hospital. He's doing great! He had an appointment yesterday and they said he was "perfect!" It is so good to be told your baby is perfect. Josh's aunt said "We always knew he was perfect, he just needed a little help from God along the way." I totally think that's the way to look at it. He's finally the healthy baby he is supposed to be!

They're still trying to figure out his Tacro (anti-rejection medicine) levels out. As he gains weight and his body changes, they'll have to increase/decrease the amount he gets. But other than that, all his levels are completely normal!!!

We've been going to the park every day. Good for Makena to run off steam, good for Malakai to get some fresh air. We've been taking our lunch and feeding him there. He's eating about 5 jars of baby food a day!! It's incredible to see how much he's eating. His weight was 12 lbs 6 oz at his appointment yesterday. I expected to see him weigh a little more, but I guess it will come. They've said a week or two more of the tube feeds at night and if he continues to eat like he is, we'll be able to get rid of it! I can't wait for that!

Well, hopefully I can update again soon. A few more weeks and we'll be home to Indiana. Pray that it's sooner than later :) God bless!

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  1. that is so wonderful! God has answered our prayers! we are continuing to pray for Malakai's recovery. God bless you!