Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Another trip to the ER

After a day of quite a bit of bleeding, I called up to St. Louis and had the on-call GI doc paged. I told him he'd been bleeding where his Broviac was removed and he started to develope a knot under his skin. He said he would feel better about him being seen. Rita and I took him up to Riley around 5 pm on Saturday. It really got pretty gross and I was glad we took him up there. They drew a blood level and his CBC was slightly elevated but nothing to be concerned about. We went home around 10:30 pm and were told to just watch it. Thankfully, the bleeding stopped and he is doing just fine now. We gave him his first Broviac free bath; he and Makena both loved it! He just splashed and splashed. He looked so different after because his hair got really clean! Sponge baths just don't do the same! So all in all, he's doing great and I couldn't be happier. He's really starting to babble and just seem grown up! Makena is really starting to calm down alot. She seems to be behaving more as well. She's potty-trained and having very few accidents! I am so happy about this! I really hoped that she would be by the time she was 3, and we're just a few months shy! That's about all on this update. I have a ton to do for Malakai's birthday party!!

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