Wednesday, July 8, 2009

More pics...

He just keeps looking better and better! I would've never thought less than 2 months post-transplant he would look this amazing! What a miracle he is!

I really need to do a better job blogging! The summer is flying by and I am enjoying it being so nice out! Malakai is doing terrific. He's really growing and getting stronger by the day. He's sitting up well and just the other day starting taking small steps when he was holding onto my hands. I really had to help him out but he was getting the idea. And he's napping very well during the day, something we've been working on since his transplant. He's also sleeping alot better during the night. I'm only getting up 1-2 times, compared to 4-6 right after.
Josh's birthday is Friday, and we're planning a cookout/bonfire on Saturday night. That should be fun and nice to see some friends! Let's just say, this is a birthday he's not looking forward to and it ends in a 0 (wink, wink!)
I've been thinking about what I'm thankful for lately, and to be honest, I have more to be thankful now than I ever have in my life! I have two beautiful, healthy, children whom I love more than the world! I have a terrific husband, who's also my best friend...we've been through a lot together, more than alot of couples ever have to go through. He supports me and encourages me when things are tough. I have wonderful sisters... I honestly don't think I could ask for better :) I have a great mom who's had to endure alot in the last 6 years. She's stronger than she thinks she is and I admire her. My in-laws are terrific! They love my kids and my kids love them! They have a relationship I hope continues the way that it is going now :) I have great friends and family. I am truly thankful for everyone who loves me and my family! I'm thankful to live in a time and place where Malakai's life was able to be saved and organ donation is possible. I will forever be thankful to our donor angel and their family. I'm thankful we found Children's Hospital in St. Louis. We were blessed to have such an awesome team of doctors, nurses, and a terrific transplant coordinator.

Nothing really new to report, I guess that's a good thing! Things have calmed down and I'm enjoying trying to get back to "normal!"

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