Thursday, July 30, 2009


He's now saying "Dada" new as of about 10 minutes ago! It is so sweet to hear :) We have been working with him, saying all kinds of noises over and over again trying to get him to repeat us. He said Nana the other day (which is what we call Josh's mom) but it was one time and not again since. Today, in his swing, he was just babbling...Dada, dada, dada, dada...over and over again! Sooo cute :)

We've scheduled his Broviac removal for August 12th...three months to the day from his transplant. I'm ready to get rid of it and give him a normal bath! That means no more weekly labs...but now he'll have to go once a month to actually have blood drawn, something he hasn't had done since beginning of May :( Not looking forward to that, but definatly looking forward to getting rid of the Broviac and not having to flush it daily and worry about him yanking it out or getting an infection because of it.

Makena had her first gymnastics class yesterday with her cousin, Emma. She's still a little young I think to truly get the idea, but she had a good time. I think once she gets used to the structure, it will be alot more fun. They had a long trampoline that I think was her favorite part. Each of the kids got a turn jumping from one end to the other. She was definatly the most outgoing and energetic one there! Here are a few pics of her first class.

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