Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Josh!

It's Josh's 30th Birthday! Happy Birthday!!! I took Makena to the store with me and let her pick out Daddy's cake. What does she pick? Cupcakes with Princess rings on top. I let her get them and she was so excited to show him. He was equally excited, I think :)

Malakai had his lab draw yesterday, everything looks good except his GGT was alittle high. They're waiting until they get his Tacro level to make any sort of changes. I went to flush his Broviac (central line) this morning and it wouldn't. It kind of had me scared but thankfully after his home health nurse came out she was able to get it to go through. We would've ended up at Riley's ER tonight..not a fun place to be on a Friday night! Praise the Lord!!

Makena has become such a cute little kid! She's also become quite the little dancer. It's so sweet to watch her. She's been watching So You Think You Can Dance with me a little before bed and she tries to do what they're doing. The other night it was on, and she insisted on getting her ballerina dress on and stood in front of the TV trying to do what the girls were. Then she said "I have to go get Daddy!" because she needed a partner. So sweet!!!

I taught her a tough life lesson yesterday. We were driving home from Walmart with the windows down. I've told her multiple times not to throw anything out her window...well she threw her little toy purse out the window and screamed "MY PURSE!!!!" and immediately started to cry. My sister was driving behind me and said "Oh, no..she threw her purse out the window!" So I told Makena that was why we didn't throw anything out the window and now it was going to be gone forever. Her response? "It's ok, Mommy...we'll just buy a new one!" Priceless!

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