Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Having a great summer!

We are having a blast getting out of the house and enjoying Malakai as a healthy baby! We got some good pictures this weekend at a family reunion. It was freezing for July...we were all dressed in sweatshirts and jeans! Is it seriously July?? A good break from the heat, but glad it's warming up again.

A normal person looking at him may think he's small for his age, but I think he's a chunky little guy! I love watching him grow! Looking back at where he was just 2 months ago, it's amazing how much he's grown! I can't believe he's almost 16 pounds!! Here's a few pictures from this weekend!

Mommy, Makena and Malakai
Makena being Makena...Sassy but sweet!
Aw, shucks!

Look at how chunky he is!

I talked to his transplant coordinator (Penny) and she said they're going to schedule his Broviac removal for the 10-14th of August..I CAN'T WAIT!! I changed the dressing on it today and his skin is so sensitive, it's all red under the tape and looks so irritated. We are going up to Michigan, just the kids and I with my mom, sisters, nieces, and nephews the following week and I'm excited he'll be able to get wet!

We went to the zoo today and I forgot my camera. Thankfully, my sisters brought theirs so hopefully I can get some pictures posted later! Makena rode a horse for the first time. She loved it, wanted to go again as soon as she got off! LOL They have a little water park where water squirts out of the ground...not big at all but the kids all had a blast!

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