Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sending my letter out today

I'm sending the letter to the donor family today. I'm nervous and excited. I hope to hear back from them, but I also realize there is a good possibility that I won't. I truly hope they know how much I deeply care for their family and how appreciative I am that they gave Malakai his life back. He is doing well from a liver stand point. His new liver is very happy and healthy. His numbers are stable and continue to be so. I will post the letter I wrote, but I haven't decided when. I want them to read it before I post it on here. I continue to pray for peace and comfort for them. I hope they're doing well.


  1. I am sure they will like that you took the time to write to them.

  2. We haven't heard from our donor family, but I also hope they know how much we care for them. I am going to write them every year on Ember's anniversary.