Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"I did it"

"I did it" is Malakai's first phrase. He usually only says one word. His vocabulary is definitely expanding and just a few days ago he started saying "I did it" when he did something he was proud of. Throwing a ball into a basket, standing on his own for a few seconds, etc. It is very sweet :) He started physical therapy last week and during his session, he would say "I did it" before he did anything. His therapist would say "No, you didn't do it yet" and he'd say "I did it" It was cute! He's now saying "My Mama" and pointing to me. His favorite word is still ball :)

Malakai ran a fever a few days ago. It got up to 102.4, I gave him Tylenol and it broke pretty quickly. He's had a alittle bit of a cough but seems fine. Makena is sick today. She woke up around 3 am coughing, kind of barky coughing. She came into the bed with us and I could tell she had a fever. When she got up this morning I gave her some Tylenol Cough and Cold and she seemed to be better. She's played and acted normal until about an hour ago. Her temp is elevated again and she's laying on the couch watching tv. Hopefully it passes quickly. I hate when they're sick.

Some big things could be in store for our family in the near future...we're not pregnant, LOL, but stay tuned for possible big news :)


  1. So Cute! It's funny how these little ones are so similar and yet so different. Eden has no problem with her physical development (last night she climbed the boys ladder to the top bunk) but she is having big delays in her speech. They will all catch up eventually though.

  2. Too cute! Ember still isn't saying more than one word phrases. (unless "Uh oh!" counts) She understands EVERYTHING and is way too smart for her own good, but she just doesn't want to talk. Hope Makena feels better soon.

  3. that is cute!! i hope she gets to feel better soon and i cant wait to find out what the big future holds!!! :D