Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Latest and Greatest

Well, alot of time has passed since my last post. We were unsure if things were going to go our way, but they did and now we have moved into a beautiful new home! Last week was spent packing boxes and going through our old house. We hired movers and they arrived Friday morning at 10 am. The job was estimated to last eight hours and the poor guys were at our house until almost 1 am. Yup, 15 hours. I felt so bad for them. We fed them lunch and dinner, I'm not sure what they would've done if we hadn't fed them. I think they were planning to eat when they left. We have alot of very heavy furniture, that alone is why we hired movers. We had alot of help *Thanks everyone!!!* over the weekend and are getting close to being settled. I have been fighting a serious sinus infection so I haven't been as productive as I would've liked! This new house is seriously like a dream to me. There were so many things about our old house that I had learned to live with, but didn't like. We had well water. I didn't like doing laundry or showering with well water because it was so hard. And my washer/dryer were down in the basement, which was basically storage. I had to make sure both kids were occupied to do laundry. The closets were tiny. We didn't have a garage. I could go on and on. The new house, I have my own bathroom and walk in closet. I've literally taken a bath every night since we've been there. The first day there, the washer didn't stop. It was so nice to be able to do laundry while the kids played in the living room. I was only a few steps away. There is plenty of room, everything has a place. We have a very large garage and circle driveway. Makena enjoyed riding her bike yesterday (Looooove this warmer weather!) and I'm actually looking forward to cleaning my truck out tonight! I feel very blessed. Truly blessed. Exactly one year ago today, Malakai was being flown to St. Louis for the first time for his transplant evalutation. Amazing what one year and a healthy liver can do for a family :) Thankful everyday to our donor family!

Ok, what else? The week before, I took Malakai out to St Louis for allergy testing. He had been throwing up and had very loose stools for months. We thought maybe he was allergic to something he was eating so we got an appointment set up quicker than normal and headed out there. He was tested for common allergies and some things he eats alot, that may have been causing his symptoms. He tested negative for onion, tomato, garlic, peanuts...those are the things I was worried about. He did test sensative to dairy and eggs. The transplant team started him on a steroid, Prednisone, to see if that helps. So far, so good. I've tried to cut most of the dairy/egg out of his diet, although most of what he eats doesn't have any of that in it. He's a very picky eater and we're actually going to see a feeding therapist to see what they think. Hopefully they can give us some ideas on what to feed him and how to go about new ways to get him to try new foods. While we were out in St. Louis we stopped by the hospital and met a little guy named Jax. He is currently waiting on the perfect liver. Chatting with his momma put me right back about a year ago when I was the one waiting. The wait is torture. Wondering WHEN you were gonna recieve that call. Your mind plays these terrible games and you feel like you're going crazy. I hope and pray he gets it soon...

Recently, his belly has started getting bigger again and his veins are protruding alittle more than they were. The concern here is that his hepatic vein is narrowing again (stenosis is the term, not sure how to spell it) We are scheduled to go out to STL on March 26th for another venogram to expand that vein again. He had it done on January 22, and it really shouldnt need it again. But, his was more narrow than usual so I guess maybe he's just the not-so-usual case! We are also encouraged to try to get more protein into him. They've thrown out the idea of starting a feeding tube to ensure he's getting the right nutrients, so I'm gonna try what I can to get him to eat more balanced meals. I REALLY don't want a feeding tube back. I hated that thing. He hated that thing. Life is much easier without it. And he's much cuter without it :)

Makena is growing up way too fast. I know I hardly talk about her on here. She's a good little helper, loves to feel grown up. She actually helps do the dishes and likes to wipe the counters down. When she doesn't know what you're trying to say, she'll say "What'd you said?" It's cute! She LOVES dance class! She told her Nana she learned how to "shovel" trying to say shuffle. Nana said, "Next, you'll learn how to flap." And Makena said, "I already know how to flap!" and started flapping her arms like a bird. With your feet, dear. Not your arms :) I love that little girl to pieces.

Once we get internet back at home, I will try to post some new pictures. I know it's been forever! Thanks to everyone who thinks about Malakai and prays for his health. Keep it up, we will always need it :)


  1. Congrats on the move! Time to start new memories.

    Hope all goes will with your visit. NO! Not the feeding tube. I dread those two words.

    Xander is allergic to dairy and eggs too so if you're looking for info, let me know. We're traveling down that road. Hopefully it will come to a deadend. :)

  2. I am so glad the movie went well for you guys and I hope it goes well at the next appointment on March 26. My friend found out that she can't have dairy and eggs anymore a couple of years ago. She told me she was glad you found out now instead of later on.