Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Update via Aunt Sarah

Carah has asked me to update her blog nearly 100 times over the last week and I continued to forget. She just called me and said she would beat me up if I didn't get on and update. I am going to copy and paste her status updates from Facebook - so I hope you get enough details from them :)

Thursday, March 18 @ 11:47am
Back in the ER. Malakai had blood in his stool this morning. They're gonna get his vital signs, hoping and praying this is minor and he will not be admitted.

@ 2:59pm
His hemoglobin level is very low at 5. Blood transfusion soon and scope. Possible transfer to St Louis. Pray for him.

@ 5:58pm
Well, we are being admitted ;( At least one, if not two days. He's unable to eat or drink and is very unhappy. They will watch his levels and will then decide which route to take. They need to find the source of bleeding. Docs here at Riley and St Louis decided it was ok for him to stay here...

@ 10:09 pm
Has your heart ever hurt so badly for your child you feel like you just need to cry? My poor baby is miserable because he can't drink. He's asked for one a thousand times. I just wanna run out the door with him. Please pray they find some awnsers, soon. I hate hospitals !

March 19 @ 9:43am
Malakais hemoglobin continues to drop, even after his blood transfusion which suggests he is still bleeding. He is going into the OR in 20 minutes for an exploratory scope. Hopefully they locate the bleed and are able to stop it. He's resting peacefully at the moment, although last night was very rough. I actually slept in his crib for part of the night.

@ 11:42am
He is out of the scope. Unfortunately, they didn't see anything abnormal. He is going to get a PICC line inserted and the team here is calling St Louis to come up with a game plan. Probably staying here awhile unless something big happens. Waiting to go see my little mommas boy :)

@ 2:26pm
He's currently undergoing a test that tagged his red blood cells to see if they can find the bleed. This will only work if he is actively bleeding. He's sleeping, which he needs. They don't think this will show much but it was an easy test to rule out.

@ 10:50pm
Seriously, it's 10:48 pm and Malakai is cruising around his crib, watching tv, laughing and playing peek-a-boo. Are you sure this kid had three procedures today and bleeding internally? He sure is a trooper :)

March 20 @ 9:53pm
Malakai continues to be up and down with his hemoglobin and hematocrit levels. He had normal stools all day until tonight when there was blood again. My instincts tell me he will be air transfered to St Louis on Monday for further testing. I will go home tomorrow while Josh is here with him and shower and pack a bag. I... just want him better. I feel like we have yet to really see the REAL Malakai. A healthy Malakai. Please continue to pray...

March 21 @ 8:56pm
thankful for a break from the hospital. Daddy and Papa came up today and I was able to eat lunch with Makena, take a nap, shower, eat dinner and I'm now back with Malakai. Hoping tomorrow we have a game plan...

March 22 @ 4:13am
It's 4 am and Malakai is wide awake watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I'm sure his routine will be hard to adjust when we go home. Oh, the joys of hospital stays...NOT!

March 23 @ 10:11am
His hemoglobin rose from 8.9 to 9.5. Liver numbers are a little high but it's because his Tacro (anti rejection medication) level has been low (common with illness) everything else looks good. They are cutting his iv meds again today. Chest X Ray because he sounds a little raspy but it's more procautionary. Looking at ...Thursday as a discharge day. Hoping his bloody stool doesn't come back with the decrease of his meds.

March 24 @ 11:40am
Ok. They're doing another procedure at 1:00, although he won't have to be sedated. This will look to see if he has an abnormality causing the bleeding. Long story, I'll fill you in later if it shows something. Still going to STL Friday so hoping to be discharged early tomorrow. Pulmonology is coming to listen to him a...nd they've sent off cultures from his nose. He's coughing and sounds crackley when he breathes. He's in isolation and may be transfered to a different floor because of the other transplant patients. Another day in the life of a transplant mom!

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