Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gonna try this one more time...

I have literally tried to update my blog at least 4 times and for whatever reason (not sure if it's Blogger or my computer) they never seem to post! I don't even realize it until I go to make another blog and see that my older post never showed up. Very frustrating...

Anyways, I haven't updated in what seems like forever. Malakai is growing and changing every day. He's cutting jaw teeth right now, bless his little heart. We didn't even see them until tonight and he was brushing his teeth and started to cry. I looked in his mouth while he was screaming and see THREE new teeth. Poor baby :( Two jaw teeth and one next to the teeth that are already there.

Let's see, what else is new. First Steps came out yesterday and he has qualified for both developmental and physical therapy. I really don't think they'll have to come out much at all. He just needs some muscle stregthening and he'll be good to go :) He's learned how to get onto his hands and knees and push himself from that position to sitting. Next will be learning how to pull himself up and then start coasting along furniture. I'm not at all worried about him. He's had alot of hospital time and I know he will catch up! He loves to throw a ball and lately he's been "cleaning up" It cracks me up! I'll give him a basket and about 6 balls and he will proceed to pick each one up and put it in the basket. He's also been saying "Don't" and "Stop" As well as throwing up his arms when you say "Touchdown" and he can "show you his muscles" It's so cute to watch him grow into a little guy and away from his baby tendencies. I think we're going to be getting a hair cut soon. His length is getting a little out of control, but I really don't want to see his soft baby hair go yet. So we'll wait a little longer :)

Makena, Malakai and I all got our H1N1 shots today. It gives me a little peace knowing we have the vaccine, but also I worry about the lack of time in studying it all. It's so hard, but I'm at peace with the decision! Both of the kiddos were troopers. She got real nervous when we went into the room, but as soon as it was over the lady gave her a sucker and she was fine. Malakai was the same. He cried, saw the sucker and was happy again :) I have such brave kids!

Malakai had a few liver friends, Eden and Eli, recieve their "Gift of Life" on November 10. They're both doing well and I am so glad to see they no long have Biliary atresia and are on the road to being normal, healthy kiddos :) Keep it up, little ones! I can't wait to see pictures of chunky, healthy babies!!

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  1. ( throwing up his arms when you say "Touchdown" ) - that is so cute!! :)