Sunday, November 29, 2009

So much to be thankful for...

Im a little late for Thanksgiving, but I thought I'd say how much I am thankful for this year. It's incredible how much has happened in 2009, but I am so glad that everything worked out the way that it has. I think I have become a better mother than I ever would have dreamed. I am so thankful for my husband and kids. I feel so blessed. I'm thankful to our donor family. I think about them just about daily and the gift they gave my family. I'm thankful to have the family and friends that I do.

Malakai is just growing up before my eyes. It's amazing to watch his mind grow. He's starting to say words. He started saying "baby" then "Papa" now he's saying "ball" I was looking at a book with Makena and Malakai last night and there was a picture of kids playing basketball. I asked him "Malakai, where is the ball??" And he pointed to it with his pointer finger. He just seems like he shouldn't be able to do this yet! I know he is 14 months old, but I just feel like he's so much younger! I couldn't be any more proud of him. With all that he's been through, you'd never know it. People are amazed at how sweet his personality is. People who don't even know him can tell that he's a very laid back, sweet kid. I just love him!

Makena starts "school" tomorrow. Josh and I have made the decision to enroll her into part-time daycare. We think she needs the social aspect of being with other kids. I am going to start working for the company some, and so we decided to enroll her into a preschool/daycare. We'll have the option of taking her everyday, but probably will only take her 3-4 days, part time. Malakai will be going to the office with me, so we'll see how that goes. The first few days have been ok, hopefully they continue that way.

I am going to attempt to get my Christmas tree up tonight. We'll see how that goes, it's already almost 7 and I still have to get both kids put to bed. So hopefully, hopefully I can get that done! I got almost all of my shopping done on Black Friday. Rita and I met at 4:45 am and shopped until about 3:30. We had a blast and I was so thankful to get alot of it done! Now to get the tree up, wrap presents and plan Makena's birthday :) I can't believe my baby girl is almost 3!

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  1. I remember him saying "Papa" the other day, it was so cute!!! What are you doing for the company? Just wondering. :)