Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Few Trick or Treat pictures

Here are a few pictures from Halloween. Kena was a "kitty princess" and Kai-Kai was a cowboy. She looooved going trick-or-treating. She'd walk right up to the door, knock, step back and wait. She wasn't shy about digging into the bowl to get some candy and skip back to us. Daddy kept Malakai nice and warm in a blanket and then we had a great meal at Nana & Papa's house, complete with more candy!

My two cuties all dressed up
She could hardly wait to go!!

Up fresh from a nap and looking handsome as usual

We decided to take the kids to the zoo the day before Halloween and were surprised to arrive and see they were doing trick-or-treating. She no longer cared about seeing any animals, it was all about the candy! HAHA...Here's a cute picture I got of the two of them together

A beautiful tree at Sarah's house that I wanted to get our picture taken in front of but by the time I made it there, the rain had taken most of the I had to kneel for the picture, but turned out OK, I guess :0


  1. Thanks for sharing your site. My son had a liver transplant in November of 2008. Looking at your pictures was amazing to me. Both boys looked so much a like as little skinny babies and how they have grown and look so good now. What a blessing! Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving!