Wednesday, February 10, 2010

No bowel obstruction...

Well, I updated last on my iPhone and for whatever reason, I couldn't write anything other than in the Title. So that is why it only had a brief note.

I took Malakai to our pediatrician office on Monday morning and he was concerned because Malakai's belly was enlarged (I took him in because of this and he has been throwing up on and off for about a month now) We were sent over to the hospital for an X-ray. The radiologist called the pedi and said he thought there was an obstruction. We were told to head to Riley because Malakai needed to see a surgeon that day. I called to his transplant team in St. Louis and they were (as always) on the ball and we were able to avoid going to Riley.

We came in on Monday night and stayed in a hotel. He had an obstructive series and bloodwork done first thing. During the ob. series, he had to drink a terrible barium solution and they watched it going through. He had x-rays done every 30 minutes to show where it was going. This came back positive, as in NO OBSTRUCTION! Thank God. The radiologist back at home was not used to seeing a pediatric liver transplant patient. That being said, Malakai's anatomy is different than other children. All of his intestine are kind of squished in and that is why the radiologist thought there was a blockage.

The bloodwork, however, turned out his hemoglobin level was very, very low. We've known he is anemic for awhile now and he's on an iron supplement. It just hasn't been enough so he was given a blood transfusion while we were there. It was crazy how pale he was, and I didn't really notice HOW pale he was until about an hour into the blood transfusion, his cheeks started turning pink. I mean, he looked like he had been outside on a summer day playing in the heat! They were that pink! He has felt so much better since getting that boost. The nurse said he was getting "a pep in his step and pink in his cheeks" and boy was she right!

We are currently still in St. Louis. He will be getting an upper and lower scope done tomorrow to check for the source of his vomitting and hopefully getting some awnsers. Because of the tests, he hasn't been able to eat anything solid today...only apple juice, Sprite, chicken broth and jello. He's done GREAT! I couldn't have asked any more from him! He hasn't napped, it's 8:45pm and he's still going. That extra blood really helped him out yesterday!! So if you're looking for a reason to donate blood, let that be it!

Let's hope tonight goes well. He's used to nursing himself to sleep and if he wakes up, he usually nurses back to sleep. So tonight should be interesting so say the least! I'm thinking we may be weaning him all together, it seems to be interfering with his appetite and this may be a good time, seeing as though he's going to have to go a full 2 days without it. Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it!

We won't know any more from the scopes for about a week. They're going to take samples from his colon, esophagous (totally didn't spell that right) and other organs. They'll test him for infections, look for ulcers, etc. I hope they can find a reason to his vomitting and he'll be able to move on from here. I am sick of him being sick. He deserves to feel good!

Once I get home, I'm going to try to put some new pictures. I realize it's been awhile and I have taken about 500 pictures since the last time I put any on here. Just know that he looks amazing and is getting SO big!

Thanks for praying for us and thinking of Malakai. He's a true miracle and I am blessed beyond measure!

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