Sunday, August 9, 2009

Surgery was a success! (via Rita again)

Malakai's surgery to remove the obstruction occurred on Friday night. It took around 2 hours. They were able to go back in through the scar from his transplant, and they discovered that the obstruction was from a spot where his original liver was attached to the inside of his abdomen. When they removed his liver, this created a small hole, and his intestines worked themselves into this hole. In essence, the hole squeezed shut his intestine. (I'm sorry if these details aren't 100% accurate, I'm going by what Josh and Carah have told me in our brief conversations). They also discovered a small hernia and fixed that during surgery as well. He went to ICU after the surgery, and has been on a high amount of pain meds. They have begun to reduce what he is taking, and because of this, he's beginning to act a bit more like himself. He will be leaving the ICU today!! Yea!! Carah will be able to use her cell phone in his room once they have left the ICU, so she'll be more able to be in touch with us back home. Continue praying that he recovers quickly!

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