Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Broviac removal tomorrow!!!

First of all, we're heading to St. Louis tonight to have his Broviac removed tomorrow! I am so excited!! One more step in the direction to make him normal! Makena will be so excited to get to take a bath with him. She asks almost every time she gets in the tub if Malakai can get in with her. And hopefully it will make bathtime easier for me, although I realize it could make it more difficult! I can totally see her trying to take him under (being sweet about it though! LOL)

Secondly, Malakai is doing FANTASTIC! He's back to being his normal self and is babbling like crazy. He's really starting to act older and it's so awesome to see! He's starting to push his knees up underneath himself and trying to scoot forward. It's hard to give him much time on the floor because Makena will run all over him if I'm not in the room. So, I think if he was allowed a long amount of time on the floor he'd be crawling alot sooner than he is. He's eating great, and starting to sleep better. Hopefully going into the hospital tomorrow won't mess him up!

I've started to plan his birthday party...It is going to be September 19th (he turns 1 on the 24th!). Everyone is invited. I know alot of people prayed for him and us during his transplant experience and I would like anyone and everyone who prayed for us to be a part of his big day. We're going to have a bouncy house and a miniature pony for the kids. Lots of fun and celebration to be had that day :) Please comment or email me if you think you'll be able to make it. I am going to try and get an estimate of how many people will be there! We sure have alot to celebrate!

We've updated KenaddiesBowtique.blogspot.com. My sisters and I pulled an all-nighter a few nights ago and stayed up until nearly 4:30 am making hairbows, only to be woke up at 7:30 by the kiddos. We made some extremely adorable Christmas and Halloween hairbows. Remember, we can customize bows to match specific outfits. We're also now selling hairbow holders, stay tuned for pictures of them...they're so cute! Please check it out!!

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