Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Riley update

Malakai had his appointment Friday the 16th at Riley. He weighed 12 lbs. 3.1 oz and was 23 inches long! He's a growing boy. At his last appointment December 12, he weight 10 lbs. 8 oz. So we're doing something right! The doc said he looked really good, he never really has anything to report. He's never had a fever, never acted like he didn't feel good. He's been such a great baby. Anyways, HIS LEVELS WERE DOWN!! Praise the Lord! Our prayers have been awnsered. The highest they got were 9.8 before the Kasai surgery, they dropped as low as 6.7 but shot back up within a week. Then as of last week, his levels were 5.6! And his direct was 3.5! This is great news! We will continue to pray for healing and trust that his surgery worked. God is so good!

Then on Saturday, my birthday, we went to Stone Creek Dining Company with Mom, Sarah, Dan, Rita and Brent. We all had sitters for the kids. It has been a few years since all of us have been out, to a quiet dinner. It was nice. Then Josh and I went to Starbucks and waited for our movie to start. We saw a terrible movie, but it was nice to have some "adult time."

Last night was a horrible night of sleep. I put him to bed at 10 and was in bed by 10:30, then he was up at 12:45, 2:15, then at 3:15 woke up and I decided I was not going to feed him. I kept getting out of bed to put his binky back in his mouth, then finally at 4:15 decided I had enough, and nursed him. Then he was back up at 5:45 and 7:45. I was nursing him at 7:45 and Makena started yelling "MOMMY, WAKE UP, MOMMMMMY!!!! WAAAAAAKE UPPPPP!!!" Needless to say, I didn't get very good sleep last night. Maybe I'll take a nap when the kids do!

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