Friday, January 9, 2009

I guess it's time to start a blog

I've been meaning to start writing a few times a week to keep everyone updated on our life. I've never done this so it may take a little while to figure everything out! So here it goes.

Malakai is doing well. He's 9 weeks post-Kasai and we're still waiting for his levels to drop. It's all a waiting game, a very hard waiting game. We've continued to pray daily that his levels go down, his liver and spleen decrease in size, his color to return to normal, and the whites of his eyes to turn white. Just in the last few weeks his color has really improved. Everyone who sees him comments on how good he looks. His next appointment is January 16th, he'll get his blood drawn and we'll see where he stands. He's both breastfeeding and on a high calorie formula. He's had a little trouble gaining weight so he can't be solely on breastmilk. I don't want to entirely give up breastfeeding unless I have to. We both enjoy the bonding that comes with it, so I don't want to stop unless medically necessary. He's starting to laugh, and it just melts my heart. I think (and secretly hope) he's a momma's boy. He loves to cuddle and wants nothing more than to lay in your arms and be rocked. He's found his hands and always has them in his mouth.

Makena is a typical 2 year old. She loves to talk and is starting to become such a little kid. It's amazing how fast she's grown up, even since Malakai's arrival. She's counting in both English and Spanish, thanks to Dora and Diego. Just the other day she said her first "real" sentence. I was in the living room and came into the kitchen to find Makena into something she shouldn't be in. Her response when she was "caught red-handed?..." "I'm making Kai-Kai a bottle." She said it clear as day. She had gotten into their diaper bag, got out the formula and a bottle, and was trying to make him a bottle. She had the formula actually poured into the bottle. I was impressed, and she was too cute to be upset with. Little things like this is what gets me through my days. I think we are going to tackle the dreaded task of potty training. Wish me luck, I think I'll need it!

I will try to continue to write every few days and keep updated our life.

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