Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kaiden!

We celebrated Kaiden's first birthday at Chuck E Cheese and had a birthday party at our home yesterday. What a sweet boy he has become. I first called him my little curveball because he was not planned for, but now I cannot imagine my life without him. He started out with a head FULL of almost black hair and now his hair is light and almost blonde. He's crawling, pulling up on furniture and crusing around furniture with no desire to walk at all. I will stand him up and he sits right back down. Won't even try. That's ok with me though. He can stay a baby as long as he likes :) He's daddys little boy and sometimes I feel like he doesn't even like me. But I know he does, because when he cries he says MAMAMAMA....haha. I can't wait to see what God has in store for his life. He's a little bundle of energy and he goes, goes, goes. 2o12 is going to be a great year and I'm excited to watch all of our kiddos grow and thrive.

Tonight I took Makena to see Disney Princess on Ice. It was a "Girls Night Out" which she loves. She is always asking to spend one on one time with mommy. Who could say no to that?? Anyways, as we were going in we saw a homeless man sitting under a bridge with a cup and sign that read "homeless, anything will help, God bless" When we passed him, Makena said "Mom, that's weird!" I told her that it wasn't weird and that some people don't have homes or food to eat. On our way out, we gave him $2. He said "Thank you, young lady" She lit up. She was so excited to help him out. When she prayed before bed, she asked God to give him a warm place to sleep. I don't care if he truly needed the money. That was a huge lesson for her. I am so proud of the little lady she is becoming. I'm so blessed.

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  1. Such a cutie pie! My son loves chocolate cake a lot and I got that for him on his first birthday. I still remember it was in a very beautiful venue NYC and all our relatives and friends were a part of that celebration. Anyways, God bless these kids, they are adorable.