Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another hospital stay....

Malakai started developing fevers and becoming irritable a few weeks ago. I took him to the doctor who diagnosed him with an ear infection and started him on an antibiotic (Augmentin) After 8 doses, he seemed to be getting worse, not better. He basically stopped eating and would not let me put him down. He was in my arms, in the rocking chair, all day for four days. By Sunday, I thought he was looking pale and he was almost lethargic. After calling St. Louis and speaking to the doctor on call, he advised we take him to the ER to get him checked out. After three days at Riley, blood, stool and urine cultures all coming back negative, they were getting ready to send us home. Then he had a stool test positive for blood. After that, they set up an ultrasound and called St. Louis to figure out what they wanted to do. The ultrasound revealed that his portal vein (the vein going out of his liver) was narrowed. He had a narrow hepatic vein in January. The docs said for both of the veins to be narrowed post-transplant is rare. So we were flown to St. Louis on Wednesday evening and he was scheduled for his procedure Fridaymorning. They went in and ballooned his vein to open it back up. Because of his size, they didn't put a stent because he has alot of growing to do. Because of his multiple ear infections, and his body taking extra long to fight them, they went ahead and put tubes in his ears at the same time. I was thankful they were able to do both procedures at the same time with one anesthesia. He went back to eating and drinking normally after the procedure and was discharged Saturday morning. We were so glad to be home, and I think Makena was equally glad we were home! Poor girl, she's really starting to understand more when I'm gone. It was difficult this time being in the hospital, being pregnant and all. I slept in the bed with Malakai, and he wanted to be touching me at all times. Doesnt make for a very restful sleep. I'd do it all over again if I had to (praying we don't for a very, very long time) I'm just thankful he's here and is able to live a normal life :)

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