Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Nothing really exciting to update on, which in our case is a blessing! Malakai is doing well. He's happy as ever. I am sure he is the happiest, sweetest baby I have ever been around. He's suddenly gained this new "independence" and has started to reach for my glass, book, anything I have in my hands. He's also begun chewing on a blanket when he is in bed or his carseat. Maybe he'll be one of those cute kids you see toddling around with a blanket, I hope so! We got a call from Riley saying his last blood draw (a week ago yesterday) came back, and his levels had decreased again. Not by alot, but anything is good! His bilirubin level is now 4.o. Praise God, it keeps going down! We are currently trying to sell our house and had a showing yesterday, praying that God does something and we sell soon. It would be a huge weight lifted off our shoulders. Makena is turning into the cutest little girl. Her new favorite game is hide and seek, although she hasn't quite got the concept down yet. She likes for us to hide, and screams when she finds us! When it's her turn to hide, she gets confused...says she's ready, then doesn't hide. It's cute, and so much fun.

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